Fairs & Conferences

We have been participating in the Baghdad International Fair for many years and have been actively and fruitfully cooperate with the Japanese side Toyota Tsusho Japanese Company in the Japanese pavilion within the exhibition.

Also participated in the sixth week of agricultural activity for ministry of agriculture inside the land of Baghdad International Fair for several years and our participation were effective.

Also participated in Najaf International Fair.

The official participation in the annual scientific conference of the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works was also actively supported in 2017.

In June 2019 we participated in (international building materials & infrastructure exhibition) in Baghdad.

We also have several activities in some international fairs and conferences outside of Iraq including BAUMA and many international conferences for international companies ISUZU – KAWASAKI – TOYOTA TSUSHO – ETC…

We have also sent many engineers and technicians for the purpose of training in the maintenance of various machinery and equipment as well as administrative and technical training for the purposes of maintenance and management of the work of providing services to customers through repair workshops.

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